IB Polling Connector

Nigel Jones 13 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 1

I understand from the doco that "polling " means a delta import from the connected system - true ?
We will need a connector built for DBB CSO and there will be 16,500 students to import from source.
It makes sense to build this new connector with delta import (and full) from connected system meaning "polling"
Which current IB connectors support polling?
Is building a new SQL connector with polling straightforward for the PG?


Hi Nigel,

Yes, a polling connector is capable of retrieving changes from a connected system.

Polling should always be implemented wherever possible, regardless of whether it's a commercial product, "one-off" or how large the identity set is. Cisco UCM, Frontier chris21, HP TRIM, IBM Tivoli Access Manager, and Microsoft SharePoint are just a few examples of our commercial products that support polling.

Implementing polling is generally straightfoward, but requires the target system to support it - databases often don't. You'd need to provide us with more information about the schema, as each database record would likely require a timestamp of some kind to indicate when it was last modified.