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Bob Bradley 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 6

I have developed some generic XSLT stylesheets while working on FIM @ DEEWR to generate documentation for both Event Broker 3.0 and Identity Broker 3.0. These stylesheets are designed as an extension to the standard generated FIM documentation by utilizing the same "Object Visualizer" Powershell/XSL/HTA tool that is freely downloaded from the FIM Microsoft TechNet website (follow references to this tool from the FIM JIRA project).

The latest version of these XSLT documents are available from myself on request.

FIM Object Visualizer.zip

Hi Bob,

Thanks for you work and adding this request. I believe PRODUCT-4 and IDB-129 are similar to what you have described.


Agree this is a duplicate of PRODUCT-4. I want to make sure that my XSLT work doesn't go to waste ...

Needed to attach version of object visualizer with XSLT and PS files

DEEWR version of Object Visualizer incorporating Event Broker and Identity Broker XSLT files, plus additional XSLT/powershell script pairs for other reports.

Attached ZIP archive

Note for Carol - the attached also includes my own customizations for FIM schema/policy reporting!!!