HPE CM Associations Connector

Carol Wapshere 6 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Micro Focus Content Manager updated by Beau Harrison (Senior Product Software Engineer) 6 years ago 6

I think I need to use this connector - I have to create reference relationships between location objects.

I create a new connector and select this type. The schema provided is exactly the same as for the Locations connector - surely this is wrong? I went with the default schema and ran an Import All - and I just got the list of Locations. So firstly - there may be something wrong with this connector as it doesn't do anything differently to the Locations connector.

I have looked at the KB pages about this connector but they are very high level and don't tell me how to set them up.

Do we have a working config I can look at? Specifically I need to:

- set up the parent-child relationship between Organizations

- add people to organizations

- set person Supervisor



Release is up now in the usual place. Version v5.3.1

Under review

Hi Carol,

This is a bug that was fixed a little while ago, actually. I'll do a release of the connector shortly that should correct this issue.

Great thanks. Make sure it has my other fixes in it! I'm sure they're in the base code now but just in case...


Release is up now in the usual place. Version v5.3.1

Much better. Got the correct schema and have managed to import and update association objects.

Hi - I am not entirely sure but I may be seeing the same problem (#locations = #login associations) where I have UNIFY Identity Broker for HP TRIM v5.0.1 RC3 x64 for a UNIFY Identity Broker Service v5.0.3 RTM x64 base site installation (and we require associations as well as locations) … can I get the latest patch rolled into 5.0.* or do we have to upgrade the customer (and their other connectors) to 5.3?  Thanks.

P.S. The schema looks right here, but I only have data in the MemberOf property.


Hi Bob, if you're able to fetch the correct associations schema, then  that sounds like it might be unrelated to this issue. Might be best to create a separate topic.