All objects reported as changed on import

Boyd Bostock 6 years ago in PowerShell connector updated by Matthew Davis (Technical Product Manager) 5 years ago 9

When a Full Import on a Connecter is performed all entities are reported as having changed data every time the import is run. This is causing issues as processing time is longer than necessary and Adapter processing can queue up during peak times.

The Connector in question has a large number of attributes including several multivalued fields. All multivalued fields are sorted and uniqueness is enforced so I do not believe any attributes are changing.

I have cleared the Adapter and Connector and it still occurs, the same Connector and Adapter is run on another server and does not experience the same issue.

Is there a way to determine which attribute is being reported as changed?

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Hi Boyd,

Just quickly, are there any differences between the two servers you mention that might impact this? Are they pulling data from the same source?

In the logs, does reflection report that the entities it processed were changed or unchanged? The changelog table holds records of changes reported from reflection, so you could check there. If not, I believe that audit logs would include details of changes surfaced during connector imports. See Auditing for details on configuring an audit logger (I suggest a Text Audit Writer).

The log entries for an import have been attached, they showed all objects in Connector and Adapter were changed.

The audit file is 60MB so has not been attached. Drilling down into the audit log it appears there are no changed attributes.

ModifiedOriginal                                                                   {[EntityType, AdapterEntity], [Values, …..
ModifiedDifferent                                                                  {}                                                                               
ModifiedMissingFromOriginal                                                        {}                                                                               
ModifiedMissingFromChanged                                                         {}                                                                               

Hi Boyd,

Thanks for uploading. Could you try zipping the audit file? It will hopefully compress quite significantly.

The UNIFYBroker logs show that the adapter did process updates, so the changelog table should indicate what those updates were.

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Do you have the normal log file that lines up with that audit log? Are you able to get entries that were created in the ChangeLog table during that import? Thanks.

The attached is all ChangeLog entries for this Adapter. Most are dated 26/8/2018 which I expect aligns with when I cleared the Connector and Adapter and re-imported.


Log file for the day the audit file was generated.

I may need to run the Audit again to get the ChangeLog entires immediately afterwards.

Any update on this?

Sorry didn't realise the ticket wasn't updated.

I firstly wanted to narrow down the search scope and ensure that we're not causing issues outside of the solution... There were very few changes on that date in the change log, nothing that regular changes wouldn't explain. So from the identity management platform things are not going to be affected.

Would you be able to help replicate the issue outside of your environment? Possible CSV or database export (1 redacted record and schema, for example).

I eventually found this was due to empty multi-valued strings and DNs, it was resolved by using an IF statement before.


$bob = @()

$entity["MultiValuedAttribute"] = $Bob


IF ($Bob)


$entity["MultiValuedAttribute"] = $Bob