Creation of new connector - pending configurations suggestion

Matthew Woolnough 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 1

Creation of a new Connector:

Pending Configurations - Can IdB ask the user if they want to navigate away and loose unsaved changes where possible & do away with pending configs?

Hey Matt,

The 'pending configurations' were an architectural decision to remove the need for state on the web server, and instead each page commits a change in IDB when you configure connectors. The ability to 'continue configuring' or 'configure later' was just a side benefit, but something that I think is actually worthwhile in and of itself.

As for the workaround, there's no sufficient way to hook into 'navigation'. E.g. I could hook into actions against anchor elements, but what about forms, and more importantly what about explicit redirection through JavaScript which could happen essentially anywhere?

Also, I actually personally disagree that this would be an improvement in terms of usability, and considering the workaround is technically infeasible I'm going to close the issue as Won't Fix.