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Ability to configure but not create database in installer

Matthew Davis 4 months ago • updated by Adam van Vliet (Product Manager) 3 weeks ago 3

Currently in the Identity Broker installer, there are 3 options for database installations:

  • Attempt new install
  • Attempt upgrade
  • Manual install

Sometimes, you want to manually run the creation script (database server may not exist, etc) but you want to configure the database anyway. It would be great if there was an option to configure the database connection details, but a separate option for whether to actually run the installation script.

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How often would this be used? I can't see too much value in this, as the screen currently validates the SQL auth. For this feature request to work, the validation would have to not run in this case. So all it's doing is inserting the settings into the connection string - not too hard and might be okay staying as documentation if it's not going to be used frequently.

I don't think it would be used all too often. I think with some good documentation, and perhaps a note on the screen that the connection string will need to be manually configured, that would be suitable enough.