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Expand Connector Test Harness functionality

Matthew Davis 6 months ago • updated 6 months ago 2

Currently the connector test harness is great for copying a current connector schema, exporting its entities to CSV and then modifying that data to run operations against an end system through a connector.

Would it be possible to expand the functionality of the test harness, to allow operations on internal entities?
The idea is that you could clone a connector schema, copy its entities to CSV, and then modify those entities to mock changes through IDB. This would allow you to test adapter configuration or mock specific changes to entities without needing to modify the connector/adapter configuration to point to a different connector.

This would be useful for times when you want to test specific cases through the system but don't have access to make the changes in the end system, or don't want to export that kind of data out to the end system. It also allows you to speed up the testing process as you'd just be 'replacing' the 'import from end system' step in the process - the rest of the workflow would still happen, so it would allow for extensive (and potentially automated) configuration testing.

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So like an "adapter test harness"? Where it functions similar to the current one, but operates against the adapters?

Yeah essentially - in my mind it would modify the connector entities which would subsequently flow through to the adapter, and so the mock connector would essentially be a replacement for the data source (without requiring any configuration changes)