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Connector import completes before Adapter reflection is complete

Boyd Bostock 2 months ago • updated by Adam van Vliet (Product Manager) 2 months ago 5

Connector imports are completed before the Adapter reflection process is complete. When using Event Broker to schedule operations of Identity Broker and MIM this means that processing activity is still running when the next action runs.

In MIM this often results in a failed Delta Import and in Identity Broker multiple actions are running simultaneously further delaying reflection processing.

In connectors with large numbers of entities and several columns (especially multi-valued) or where there has been a significant amount of data change this can be several minutes after the Connector import has completed.

Ideally the Connector would show that it is still processing forcing Event Broker to wait for it to complete or add a way for Event Broker to wait until Adapter reflection is completed before running MIM operation.

Identity Broker Version: 5.2.0
Event Broker: 3.2.1

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MIM Event Broker triggers when the adapter says it should, not the connector. Is this happening each 20K processed entities (a cutoff chosen to allow for transactions to work better)? There shouldn't be any impact, as MIM should be picking up the changed entities as they become available, and repeating until everything is done. At the end of the process, MIM Event Broker should only trigger on the last time when the adapter has been populated, not when the connector is finished, or are you not seeing this? Is this easily reproduced?

It is not easy to replicate in the non-production environment but generally happens several times per day in the production environment.

The MIM does not provide much of an error message, however I currently have Event Broker configured to run a Full Import on failure of a Delta Import which nearly always succeeds.

Should I experiment with timouts on the MIM MA Run Profile? If so do you have any suggestions, previously I have only ever modified the export timeouts and batch sizes.

Could you please attach the Identity Broker and Windows Event Viewer logs of the error on delta? It might be premature to experiment with settings until we can narrow it down a bit, unless we can't find any more information.

Digging into this I found most of the recent Full Imports were not preceded by the DIDS operation in the MIM Run History. The error code 0x8023063D in the logs indicates it was prevented from executing because another sync was running at the time.

I will review the Exclusion groups in Event Broker to try to prevent clashes. Once these instances are fixed I can look out for any triggered by other errors.