idB5 will run MA Imports on disabled Adapters

Ryan Crossingham 9 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

Executing an MA attached to a disabled adapter will import the last processed entity count
See screenshot attached


Hi Ryan Crossingham,

I have created an issue to clarify this behaviour. There are a number of constraints that we're working within, as we can't allow the IdM platform to think that it should wipe all the information, but we could look at throwing exceptions under certain circumstances.


I must have misread this last night.

What is your expected behaviour here? It sounds like it's functioning correctly.


Resolved due to no response. Please reopen if you feel there is further work required.

Sorry for the delayed response on this.

I would have thought that if the Adapter is disabled and I attempt a full import that an error would be thrown saying the the adapter is disabled just like past versions of IdB. If the Adapter is disabled the adapter will not be receiving connector updates from what I have seen. To know that the adapter is disabled (like in previous versions) on MA import would be great.

I've added these details to the internal issue. Thanks.