Only the IB install user can uninstall IB service or SAS2IDM connector

Nigel Jones 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

I cannot see IB Service or the SAS2IDM connector in Control Panel Programs unless I log in as user who installed them.
Richard Courtney installed IB and if I log in as him I see ALL IB components in CP programs. I have tried two other domain and local admins but only see the IB FIM component (and the EB components)

At this moment I must therefore login as the "installer" if I want to un-install.

Hi Nigel,

Yes, you are correct and we recognize it is a problem. It was originally discovered in the development of Event Broker v3.0 (EB-353) and although we wanted to do something about it for Identity Broker v3.x, making this change on the current installers was too difficult and it's instead been done in Identity Broker v4.0.

Apologies for this, but I'm happy to hear you were able to discover the account used to originally install them. One possible option is to uninstall them from his account and use a different account that CSO staff can access as well.

Let me know if you have any other questions regarding this.

Many thanks Patrick

I will add a reference to the client Ops Manual so they/UNIFY are aware of the install account in use