ILM2 option on xMA export does not work

Bob Bradley 13 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Microsoft Identity Manager updated by anonymous 9 years ago 3

After deploying UNIFY Identity Broker for Microsoft FIM v3.0.0 (x86).msi from https://unifysolutions.jira.com/wiki/display/SUBIDBFIM/Downloads and completing my IdB 3.0.6 DEEWR configuration, I was ready to create an instance of the IdB FIM xMA ...

After installing using the default options, I found that:

(b) Exported the "ILM xMA" file ... using the IdB Management studio my first choice was to select the third ILM 2 option (since this is the name that FIM was originally known). This was a mistake because the MA config pointed to a Unify.Adapters.* dll which I could not locate on the server. Figuring that the PDF and naming conventions were focused on ILM2007 FP1, I re-exported using this option and found this generated an MA config which referenced the same DLL deployed by this package (Unify.Framework.ILM2007FP1Adapter.dll). This means that either (a) there is a DLL which is missing from the install, or (b) the IdB console needs to be changed to remove the third option, or (c) the generated xMA is using the wrong DLL.

I believe we should actually retain the third option but rename it to FIM 2010 ... even if it generates a file of the same format as ILM2007 ... as it is going to confuse otherwise. If so the PDF file needs to be updated to accommodate all (3?) supported versions (maybe we need to lose MIIS SP2?).

This work may well have been earmarked for future attention, but I couldn't find anything in JIRA about this already.

I won't resolve this as there aren't any open JIRA items relating to this issue, and it is actually a problem.

As documented (and hidden, could be made a little more prominent) on IDBFIM300:Configuration and Usage you are supposed to use ILM2007 FP1 as the version.

Microsoft made breaking changes between ILM2 previews and FIM, and the last time this component of Management Studio was updated predates FIM RTM quite significantly. When IDBFIM300 was released, testing had revealed that we didn't need to make any changes to the ILM xMA, so we removed the multi-targeted DLLs.

So all of a, b and c is true.

Although this is unlikely to be an issue in the next version of Management Studio, which will be based on the new Event Broker v3 Management Studio, this issue should remain to ensure that we can actually record a fix version.

(Just to confuse the issue further, the defect is really Identity Broker Management Studio, not IDBFIM.)

And this issue has already been fixed, there just hasn't been a new release of Management Studio since.

This has been resolved over a year ago in v3.1 of Management Studio, but this likely no longer applies. Adam, should this stay open?