IdB4: CSV Connector schema - cannot specify key

Peter Wass 12 years ago in CSV connector updated by anonymous 9 years ago 12

When specifying the schema for a CSV file, you cannot change what is the required / readonly fields to generate keys. The CSV file format is not always controllable as it can be system produced. Can you please allow the modification of the schema settings.

Incorrec time error.jpg

Ah - It seems I can do it once its created but not during the create process.

I expect the schema provider which sets the initial ones is not configurable but after that, as you've discovered, it can be.

I'll have Matthew confirm that this is the case, but if so, is there anything you'd change about it? Should the schema provider screen include a note that it can be changed after creation?

There should definitely be a note ABOVE the schema table. I spent a few minutes exploring trying to find out how to change it.

The Error entry is for tomorrow. The current time was about 3-something PM, like the other entries around it.

Great- this screenshot was for a different issue but it attached here. Probably my fault. Can it be moved?

Hey Peter, we have added schema providers which request the schema from the connected system using whatever mechanism is available. The CSV connector currently has one schema provider, which assumes the first field in the file is the key, and all the value types are strings. There isn't too much more smarts we could add to the provider to work out additional information such as field types or key values (as it's just a straight text file). As you've discovered, the schema is modifiable after the initial request. Something we are adding is the ability to select which fields to include/exclude from the provider, as well as improving the ability to configure these fields (see IDB-389).

Your suggestion to make note that the schema that pops up isn't initially modifiable is definitely something we'll take on board.

Action for this to create a note per Peter's suggestion.

As an aside, is it possible to allow people to change the validator on the fields in the CSV. I know that its hard given that its essentially a text field but in order to use some transformations I have to be able to specify a field is a date field. Its my problem if the data fails validation after that...

We're investigating the above as part of IDB-389

Tony, with IDB-389, please ensure that the behaviour of the provider Peter is talking about is obvious on the UI.

Once a source schema has been applied the schema itself can be updated on the individual connector details page (see. attached screenshot).

The terminology on the 'Apply Source Schema' section has been changed, such that if there are no fields in your schema then you can 'Start off' with one of the available schemas. (as opposed to Apply Schema Provider with no description - see attached).

Reassigned for review.

This is now quite easy to modify if the first item is not the key field. Issue closed.