Minor ​usability suggestion: Installer next button grayed out until text box loses focus

Michael Smith 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 5

When using the installer the "Next" button remains grayed out until all mandatory text box's have both text entered and have triggered a lost focus event.

This can lead to situations like the attached where the user has completed all fields correctly, but cannot click next until they change focus from the text box.

Would recommend that the "Next" button becomes available as soon as all mandatory fields contain valid information.

Tested with: UNIFY Identity Broker Service v5.2.0 RTM.msi on the "Service account" screen.

Steps to recreate:

1. Start installer

2. Complete to "Service account" screen

3. Check "Add log on as a service user rights."

4. Enter "Password:"

5. Enter "Account"

Under review

I like the idea, but unfortunately this isn't possible OOTB with Windows installer (or WiX). A custom action could theoretically be used, but I try to avoid writing them as they typically cause more trouble than they're worth. However, I could do it on the credentials page as there is already a custom action being used to validate the credentials. Unfortunately this would mean that the behaviour would be inconsistent across pages - which I usually try to avoid. What are your thoughts?

Sounds like it is not worth it at this time.  Disappointing that the the OOTB windows installer is so 'dumb'.

Perhaps something to put time into when IdB product has wider general use (I am assuming that the current number of non-UNIFY users conducting first time installs are low).

(for posterity) Looks like there are few people trying todo this with WiX:






Yes, should have included references. Essentially the event is on the data property, not the text box - where the property is only populated and checked once the field is exited.