Improve entity search

Carol Wapshere 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 6

Suggestions for entity search in IdB (in my personal order of priority):

1. A single place to set up search criteria which includes selecting the column, rather than the search icon at the top of each column

2. Add extra search criteria (search on two or more fields)

3. Selectable columns



Will be addressed by the new UI.

Under review

2. Has this stopped working?

3. What do you mean by this?

Nothing has stopped working - Matt D asked me to log any wishes for the UI.

1. Thanks.

2. This is already possible.

3. Do you mean show/hide? Because this is also possible.

Hi Carol,

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm curious to get some more information on your goals/motivations for using the entity search, to see if there are other potential solutions that might also address those goals. What are the main reasons that you use the entity search? What information are you looking for? Some examples:

  • As a proxy for searching the connected system.
  • To find details of a particular entity, e.g. an entity reported in an error message.
  • To test/debug data modelling.

Would love it if anybody else who finds this suggestion could also answer these questions.

I was thinking that if the IdB entity search was more user friendly then you could potentially make it available to Service Desk to use in checking source data (or closer to the source). This is part of the thinking that IdB can act as a "search proxy" for data sources that don't have a web search function.

So I might want Service Desk to be able to check HR to see if a person has been onboarded, and if the details relevant to the IAM solution are correct. However you can only search the HR system if you have privileged access and possibly also a desktop client - Service Desk won't get that. They don't need access to all details anyway - just what IdB is importing. So if the IdB user interface were a bit easier to use it could be a valuable tool to use in identifying data issues.

While the data may also be present in the MIM Portal we won't always be bringing it all the way in, especially during onboarding and if key attributes are missing. So there are definite instances where IdB will have data that MIM does not.


Will be addressed by the new UI.