Identity Broker Service Installation/Upgrade Setup Wizard Ended Prematurely

Adam Aurisch 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 2

Identity Broker Service Installation/upgrade Setup Wizard Ended Prematurely. Here are the version details:

Current Version • Identity Broker Service v4.1.4 RTM x64

Target Version

• Identity Broker Service v5.1.0.2 RTM x64

Please see the attached screenshots.

Image 4364Image 4365



No response. Also cannot reproduce.

Under review

The options are:

  • Don't upgrade the database, instead do a fresh installation (as long as all connectors support full import and dn's do not use entryUUID);
  • Run msiexec /i install.msi /lvx* install.log and provide output (this might help us track down the issue);
  • Select the manual database option (see below).

Would you be able to do the last option? Use these steps:

  1. Select the manual database install option;
  2. Once the installer upgrade has finished, manually run the database upgrade sql file (included in the installation directory);
  3. Let me know what errors are returned.



No response. Also cannot reproduce.