Page 1 is missing from logs

Matthew Clark 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

Change detection and other logs using paging seem to start from page 2 - there is no page 1 in the log. See below for an example:

29/May/2012 09:22:30 Information
Connector Import all entities from connector completed.
Import all entities from connector CSV Test.txt return 4 entities. Duration: 00:00:00.0380860
29/May/2012 09:22:30 Information
Connector Processor Connector Processing started.
Connector Processing started for connector CSV Test.txt (page 2)
29/May/2012 09:22:31 Information
Connector Processor Connector processing success.
0 entites in cumulative total. Current processing of page 2 for connector CSV Test.txt processed 4 entities, finding 2 differences. Duration: 00:00:01.5244140.
29/May/2012 09:22:31 Information
Change detection engine Change detection engine import all items completed.
Change detection engine import all items for connector CSV Test.txt completed. Duration: 00:00:02.1455078

I have pushed a potential fix for this issue. Could you please take a look?


Logs now start from page 1. Issue closed.