Expose remove transformation

Adam van Vliet 12 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 4

The remove transformation could be exposed as one that can be added to a transformation chain.

Could be useful where the field is required for calculations in a transformation chain, but is not required output for the export.

An example that has been given is huge group management where multiple groups are concatenated, and would cause the import to be three times the size, thus taking a lot longer to process by the identity management platform.

Do not allow the base connector key(s) to be removed.

Please first check that using the remove transformation would not break anything. I have a feeling this will stop the field from being able to be updated, and I can't think of a way around that right now. That may not be such a problem for certain scenarios though.

If you feel that the above isn't such an issue, please proceed.


You would lose those values, only way to get around this would be for Add / Update to get the corresponding entities, reflect the transformed values and then commit those.

Doesn't the add/update already get the corresponding entity? Wouldn't it just be a matter of the reverse transformation mapping values from the connector entity back onto the reversed adapter entity (the one that is sent to the connector)? I don't think it would have to do anything for fields added by transformations as they get removed anyway.

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