NEWS-LTD-101: Idb for Workday: Request to change filtering date from hire date to current date

Jeff Nelson 7 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Workday updated by anonymous 7 years ago 1

News has requested that UNIFY modify the code for IdB for Workday such that filtering on a user;s Top-Level Org uses the current date rather that the target user's Hire Date. Currently News are seeing users filtered that should not be filtered and the cause appears to be that when the hire date is used, the IdB returns the SupervisoryOrg level instead of the Top Org level for the user i.e. the returned result is:
 SupervisioryLevelOrganisation = SupervisioryOrg
 TopLevelOrganisation = SupervisioryOrg
Which results in the user being filtered

News-Ltd now have given approval for UNIFY to make to the requested code change and agree that (in the absence of advice from Theory of Mind), that they take full responsibility for the performance of the code and have agreed that the code change will be staged through a full regression test cycle in their UAT environment prior to migrating the code to Production.

Thanks Jeff.

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