Adapter object doesn't have corresponding object in Connector resulting in "duplicate-objects error"

Tom Parker 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 4

This is related to http://voice.unifysolutions.net/topics/2674-idb-51-returning-duplicate-objects-that-only-exist-once-in-the-adapterconnector/ although the bug is now exhibiting new characteristics and the work around is no longer working.

Image 4007

Drilling down on one of these records we can see that they exist twice in IdB adaptor but only once in the connector:

Image 4008

Image 4009

The second entry in the adaptor was once correct but has since been removed from the source system (as this is to do with student enrollments that's a normal procedure). According to Andrew Silcock's notes in the linked job, previously the entries only existed in the adaptor once.

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Hi, can I please have a follow up on this?

Under review

Hi Tom,

Apologies for the delay on this. I previously sent you a SQL script as a workaround that will clear out the duplicate entities. Attached again for future reference.

SELECT * -- change this line to DELETE
FROM [Entity]
WHERE [PartitionId] = '486c693f-3425-4cf2-86af-fe9d7f0b855d' -- your adapter id here
AND [EntityId] NOT IN (
    SELECT [EntityId]
    FROM [Entity]
    WHERE [PartitionId] = '23959eb9-0c85-4d7a-bed7-570be3658839' -- your connector id here

Did you try running this, and if so, have the duplicate entities resurfaced since then?

At this stage I'm not sure what would have caused your adapter to get into this state, but regardless of the cause a script like this will need to be run to get back to a clean state.


Hi Curtis,

Running that script not only cleared out the duplicates it also removed a bunch of orphaned adaptor space entities that had no corresponding connector space entry at all. Will monitor for now to see if the issue reoccurs.