Cannot add more than one schema field to placeholder

Matthew Clark 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 6

When attempting to add more than one field to the placeholder connector, additional fields after the first are blocked by the message "An item with the same key has already been added." The first field may be removed and a new field added, but any after the first cannot be added.

Note this only happens in IE8 (and probably other versions of IE), not in Chrome.

This will be due to IE caching $.get requests, and with recent changes to .dialog'd add/create component menus, the generated id will be cached on request; the ID should be generated on submit for create in this case, and in a broader sense the cache clearing mechanism used for the framework dialog-partials should be applied on pageload.

Assigned to Tony as discussed.

This caching issue also affects the entity viewer, with some results being cached, such as the results for fields for Time Offset Flag. The value is correct and you can view it on the individual entity, but it does not appear in the data table itself

This is to be confirmed in the next regression.

This has been confirmed complete as of the most recent development build.