Once off schedule seems to be using UTC time

Matthew Clark 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

The once off timing is set using local time like other timings, but the calculation of its next run seems to be impacted by UTC. For 3.8.2 of the regression test doc I attempted to create a once off that runs a minute from the current time, but the home page shows the timing is due to run 10 hours from now. When the time has passed, the schedule UI still says that it is due to run once.

Once off timing never used local time. Updated and resolved, to be confirmed on next regression test.

Reopened. The OnceOff timing wasn't storing its local setting to XML, hence it was still added to the engine assuming UTC.

Pushed a fix a little while ago, to be confirmed

This has been confirmed complete on the latest installation in prdgrp-tes3 was configured to run once in 5 minutes - the times correctly displayed on the UI and the job ran after 5 minutes.