Issues when creating/editing adapters

Matthew Clark 12 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 12

When editing an adapter in IE8, the base connector dropdown becomes essentially unusable. The control has a scroll bar and makes it difficult to enter a value. Also, the control does not drop down or match things as you type base connector names.


Moreover, if a new adapter fails validation, the control disappears completely.

Updating description.

If the adapter name is missing, a validation message doesn't appear.

The control also behaves this way in Chrome for a number of transformations, such as the relational ones and time offset. This makes selecting fields and relational connectors difficult, but can be done by scrolling and selecting with the keyboard - entering the name verbatim doesn't work.

The correct overflow settings have been enforced for the uses of .chzn-select -> this has been tested locally and can be confirmed/closed on the next incoming push.

These drop-downs have been fixed and confirmed in the last set of regression tests.

Column Mappings/Relationships drop-downs are affected by this issue.

This has been resolved in the latest build.

Reopening as deleting an adapter does not remove the transformation processor associated. Fix is present in local source but needs to be committed once the build is stable.

Transformation processors should now be removed when adapters are deleted. Marked as resolved, to be confirmed in the next build.

Reopening. If an adapter is missing a base connector and the service is restarted, a change processor doesn't exist for the adapter. This shouldn't throw an error as it is currently - it should just remove it if any exist.

Removed error. Issue resolved. Behaviour to be confirmed with next build.