Rename transformation could update existing references to field

Matthew Davis (Technical Product Manager) 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 3

Currently when adding an adapter, it is expected to contain LDAP compliant fields. If the fields are not LDAP compliant (contain invalid characters) then it recommends automatically adding rename transformations to LDAP compliant names.

When you add the adapter; however, it allows you to use invalid named fields to set the DN template.

Idea is that either the field name transformations are able to be added before setting the DN template (so that on creation all fields are LDAP compliant), or when a rename transformation is added it gives the option to update all existing references to the name (so that the DN template would be updated from the old value to the new value).

This would also mean that if you add a new rename transformation after adding other transformations, you wouldn't need to update all other transformations currently using that field (as it would give you the option to auto update)

Under review

There's already a similar issue on the backlog that will be considered. Thanks.