Hostname for embedded web server is not being applied.

Tony Sheehy 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 9

An Identity Broker instance configured with a custom host-name cannot be connected to, using that same host-name.

Do you have an example? Are you trying to connect to it locally, or remotely?

If you configure the web engine using the field "hostname" or "hostName", the engine acts as if the field has not been specified.

Assigning fix version

I do not believe this will be an issue for Alpha, however it is most definitely required.
For reference, the hostname was the same as the machine and an attempt was made both locally and remotely to connect.

Moved to beta as this one will likely involve debugging Cassini Server and looking at netstat.

AvV: Assigned to Matthew.


Cassini dev didn't appear to use the host name for much at all. I have removed it from the initial config, so people don't get the wrong ideas about it.

I suspect that the developers coded top down, then when they got to the use of Sockets, realised that it didn't work that way.

For your case, I suspect your computer name actually resolves to IPv6, which is not the IP that the site is bound to.

Check documentation and regression test document.

Regression test document updated, and EB doco updated (to be used on migration in overarching IDB documentation issue).