Export errors - Calling Results.SetFailed on an entity seems to fail an entire batch.

Richard Green 7 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Microsoft Identity Manager updated by anonymous 7 years ago 9

Hi Gents,

I'm having an unusual issue with a custom connector. When running exports, a failure is occurring. However the single failure seems to be stopping subsequent entities from exporting. I currently have export 10 configured on the MA with a batch size of 1 (<-- which is interesting)

I've confirmed that the only results.SetFailed that is hit is the one in the UpdateEntity method. This is returned to the MA with an error of 'Other' and the actual exception is NOT included. After that point, no more entities are processed by the connector, and these show up as a 'cd-error' on the MA.

Nothing significant is noted in either the IDB or Event Logs.

Environment Details:

Running IDB v5.1.0 Revision #0

Patch: Unify.IdentityBroker.ChangeLog.Repository.Sql.dll

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I love how it removes all of the nice formatting from my code :/

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Also possibly of Note - this is running with MIM version 4.3.2266.0

Hi Richard,

Are you able to run a trace to catch the LDAP network traffic between IDB and MIM?


Attached - in this export, the first one failed, and 9 subsequent exports showed as cd-error.

Thanks guys - that patch has worked perfectly.

Resolved :D

Fixed as of Identity Broker for Microsoft Identity Manager v5.1