Service process runs after service stopped

Matthew Clark 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 10

The Identity Broker service process continues to run for up to 10-15 seconds after the services window says the service has stopped.

Are tasks being done during this wait? eg imports or change detection.

Unable to easily answer that question. I have no connector or adapter imports or exports running when I disable the service, so I am unsure as to what tasks could be keeping the service running.

Moved to beta as the service does eventually stop.

Adam, this may be related to IDB-454

A potential item of note - pressing Escape to terminate the Identity Broker console produces the following error:

A blocking operation was interrupted by a call to WSACancelBlockingCall
at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Accept()
at CassiniDev.Server.<Start>b__0(Object ) in c:\workspaces\DEV\FrameworkCore\Source\Web\CassiniDev\Core\Server.cs:line 286

Matthew, is that a first chance exception? It's pretty important information.

From the code it is caught, so there's not much else that can be done here, as this exception is thrown in Socket.Accept following a request to shutdown.

Yes it is a first chance. Seems to stop immediately following this error, but this is with the console and a Visual Studio hosted studio.

Further investigations of that section is required. Moved version as there won't be a high visibility of this issue.

Matthew, please take a look at the code in question. As it's a blocking call I can't see how we could terminate it without killing the thread, which seems a little much.

Will need to look at IJob, e.g. a Stop method, or a parameter in Run (similar to parallel cancellation parameter).

As this is caused by the built in web server and our recommended setup is to use IIS, this issue is not high enough priority to investigate.