Make installer more clear about authentication type

Peter Wass 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 11

I recieved the error:
Error -2147217843: failed to create SQL database:
Unify.IdentityBroker, error detail: unknown error.

Make the installer clearer regarding the different types of authentication.


OK - if I specify the credentials it fails

I ran it specifying the credentials in the SQL as:

It failed with the above error

I ran it with no credentials but logged in as IDM\Administrator and it worked.

Hi Peter,

What were the settings that you used in the database screen of the installer?


Server: localhost
Account: IDM\Administrator
Password: <password>

Everything else was left alone.

I also tried without 'localhost'

I can uninstall and get screenshots if you like

Is that account you mentioned above a Windows account? The account requirements for this particular section are a SQL Server account, not a Windows account. I tried to make this a little more clear with the label "SQL Account", could there be a way to make this more clear?


OK - the easiest way to make it obvious is to provide a header:
SQL Authentication------------

And / or have a checkbox "Use Windows Authentication" that, if unchecked, enables those two boxes for input.

I would also have a dialog when choosing Automatic (or doco) that specifies the SQL Creator rights.

Hi Peter,

I have been playing around with the installer and have come up with a potential solution. Please see dbinstall.png and let me know what you think.


Not bad - However its not the service account - its the currently logged in account. The text at the top of the screen also puts things in the wrong context. What I appear to be setting up here is the logon to create the database. I set the Broker Service Account elsewhere. If thats not what's happening then ignore me

I'd change 'Security Type:' to

Authentication: o Currently Logged In User (or Service account if I've got it arse backwards), o SQL Authentication

That is an accident, it is supposed to be the account that the installer is running as. The reason I labelled it as service account was from IDB-320, where it requires the service account, not the current account.

I'll fix up the other label too.


I have fixed those labels.

Please let me know following the next release.


Having used the installers several times since I can confirm the above. Closed.