Upgrading to SAP 64bit is broken

Monash 9 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 4

1) Upgraded SAP 64bit 4.1.3
2) Upgraded IDB 4.1.5
3) Restart IdB

Unable to edit Agent


Other connector is also broken visually

can it have anything to do with connector / adapter / agent xml ?

xmls also attached

Yes. It looks like they are related. It seems IdentityBroker is unable to recognise the "Extended" node in the xml config.

Adam has tried to replicate the problem by using the copy of DEV1 IdB instance in his local environment but no success. He suspect this is a environmental issue.

I am running out of idea but I will try to remove all and do a fresh installation in DEV4 to see what happen.


Another case of this has come up. I think it has something to do with my new environment, I'll do some more investigating today.

I've fixed up the v4.1.3 release. It was caused by a new MVC3 reference that is only used by a small percentage of users. I've changed it to use the old reference, but it'll keep working if a new one is in place.