Issues with connector next run information

Matthew Clark 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

There are some new issues with the next run information for connectors:

  • The time shown only shows the time til the next Import All run
  • The progress bar seems to only now show the results of Import All, not Import Changes
  • The progress bar appears while the operation is running, then clears the progress bar very shortly after it is done from the home page, unsure whether or not this is by design

To observe this, I added an import all schedule that would run every 10 hours, and a import changes schedule every 30 seconds. This was using IE9.

The final point isn't as important as the other parts.

I thought we were only going to show the import all, as the changes runs more frequently?

If that is the case, can this issue be resolved?

It's a bit disorienting to have operations running underneath you when you're expecting the next activity to occur 10 hours away. Some Import Changes operations can be long-running, and sometimes an Import All may only be scheduled once a week.

As discussed, the home page should the next run, whatever type it may be. The particular adapter or connector page should have the more detailed information.

Reassigned for confirmation of completion. This can be confirmed in the next incoming build.