Progress Meter/Counters in PerfMon

Matthew Woolnough 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

It would be great to have a progress meter in IdB, so that you can see something is actually happening during an import.
Perfmon Counters would also be great/better. Something along the lines of what's available in the FIM Sync Engine:
Objects Read
Objects Read /sec
Objects Exported
Objects Exported /sec
Objects Synchronized
Objects Synchronized /sec

Moved to Identity Broker product.

UFCORE-31 will be the first step in exposing such information.

Are you sure it's not the other way around?

ie. Write data to event logs and perfmon counters and use SCOM to report on the data?


We haven't done enough technical work on this yet to know if it's a subscriber or publisher model (I've seen evidence of both), but when know I'll make sure the info is available.

We're targeting just a very specific set of information to begin with (along the lines of alerts, errors, running operations) and moving from there based on feedback. I know you've been mentioned as one of the people we were hoping to talk to in the future about improving all these operational aspects.

Migrated to VSO.