IsOperative not updated on date change

Carol Wapshere 8 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 14

IDB 5.0, Aurion Connector 5.0.

I have an Adapter that links to the primary "Aurion Person" connector, and joins to data from an "Aurion Employee" connector, and a CSV connector bringing in custom Org Unit names.

I have used a number of IsOperative transformations to set "Passed" and "NotPassed" flag values relating to various dates: DateCommenced, ContractExpiryDate, DateTerminated.

For a test user - on initially importing their details the DateCommencedStatus was correctly "NotPassed". However 5 days after the date it was still "NotPassed" - it had not toggled to "Passed". When I ran a Generate Changes manually in the Adapter it then went to Passed.

The Aurion Connectors are only running Full Imports and run multiple times a day. I assume the IsOperative transformation did not get re-evaluated because the source data did not change - the only thing that has changed is @NOW.

I need a workaround for this - is there a way I can force Generate Changes to run on a schedule or through the IdB web services?


So I did. Tried dragging both together initially, which only brought in one of them, then must have re-added the wrong one.

Hi just wanted to check if there is anyway I can force Generate Changes to run on a schedule. If I can't I have a major re-design on my hands so really need to know with UAT starting in a week. The Generate Changes only takes 10 minutes to run and the simplest ting right now would be able to schedule it to run after midnight every night. I know Matt was talking to Curtis about how to trigger it through the web services but I don't think they got it working.

Hi Beau. While I'm glad to hear that a fix is being progressed I'm not understanding your diagnosis that it's to do with future-dated changes - can you elaborate? It looks to me that the IsOperative values need to be re-evaluated every day, including when source data has not changed. It's like the FIM Service doing its Temporal Set re-evaluation at 1am every morning.

Thanks Beau - will try and get that installed today.

Hi Beau. I installed the patch 3 days ago and having been watching a test user. It's still not behaving as I'd expect.

DateEffective = 07/Jul/2016 00:00:00 - ie yesterday

I also have a transformed plus one day attribute: DateEffectiveDayEnd = 08/Jul/2016 00:00:00 - is this morning

I have IsOperative transforms on both of these, neither have "Inclusive End" ticked. Both should have the value "Passed" once the time has passed.

The DateEffective IsOperative value does say "Passed", however the DateEffectiveDayEnd still says "NotPassed", even though the time stamp is 00:00:00 so the time is passed.

I have cleared and re-updated the Adapter.

Note as well I still haven't been able to effectively test whether the changes happened by themselves.


Scrub that - I didn't have Local Time ticked. Luckily Matt D was looking over my shoulder just now!

It still doesn't seem to be working.

I have a person with a Contract Expiry Date of 10/7/2016 (yesterday). I want my flag apContractExpiryDayStatus to be "NotPassed" up to the end of the termination date, and then switch to "Passed" as soon as we get to the next day (11/7/2016, today).

The Is Operative transformation is set up as follows:

Target: apContractExpiryDateStatus

Start: apDateZero (constant value 1/1/1900)

End: apContractExpiryDate

Operative flag: NotPassed

Not Operative Flag: Passed

Local: ticked

Inclusive End: ticked

Null End Valid: ticked

I would really like that bandaid solution if there's any way I can get it. Forcing a Generate Changes once a day would ensure these flags are always correct, and I'd actually be happier with that right now - particularly as it takes days to set up a test case and then monitor it through (and I don't have remote access so have to come on-site every day to check it).

I was under the impression that everything I can do in the IdB UI I can also do through web services? So there should be a way to force it with a powershell script, shouldn't there?

Thanks Beau - I'll get it installed now.

For my own understanding - how and when does the IsOperative flag get re-evaluated?

Thanks. Do I need to repopulate the Connectors again?

After clearing and re-importing all connectors relating to the "Aurion Person" and "Aurion Schedule" adapters (both of which has IsOperative transformations) the Changes table is completely empty.

The only Unify.IdentityBroker.* files are these three.

There isn't any polling function on the Aurion connectors.