CPU pegs at 100% during import all

Eddie Kirkman 8 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 6

Running an Import All of a million users is pegging the CPU at 100%. The environment is not production so the server only has 1 CPU.

Is that expected/normal?

Is there any way to make the service play nice?

Searching answer

What is the expected behaviour? That it not use the CPU? Why would the hardware requirements be any different just because it's not production?

Not expecting it not to use the CPU, but generally a process that hogs the CPU and does not yield to other processes that are running on the server can make people nervous. Difference in Prod is that there are multiple CPUs so only one of them gets pegged at 100% and the other(s) are available.

So in production you are actually seeing 1 CPU pegged at 100%? Ideally we spread workloads over all the cores/CPU's, so if that's happening we'd like to take a look. If you have tested in a properly spec'd environment and still seeing these issues, are you able to attach connector and adapter config files?


The Prod result of one CPU pegged is anecdotal from customer at the moment (and may be based on previous IdB versions.). We are not currently able to run the prod system to confirm or deny the behaviour until our next change window. Once we reach a point where we can run similar high load processes in prod I will make sure to monitor how the CPU load is spread.

I was really just wanting to make sure that what we are seeing is not unusual. I will see if I can get permission to investigate further. If the pegged 100% is just the process efficiently using as much as is available that is not a problem - I guess I will need to work out if other processes are suffering as a result.

Thanks for the responses - food for thought.

A second CPU has been added and the import all was run again. This time there is no indication of either CPU maxing out, which is good. Sadly performance is no better, but that is one less thing to worry about