Adapter statistics update at the end of an operation

Matthew Clark 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 3

Adapter statistics on the adapter page seem to only update once an adapter operation (eg. full or delta import) has completed, and not as processing begins.

This cache is only cleared on Completed events for the Adapter jobs. This isn't a problem for smaller operations like Add Entity, Update Entity etc, and hasn't been a problem for Adapter import all due to the speed of LDIF generation in version 4.0.

All this will require is another notification factory to clear the cache on the AdapterEngine::ReflectPage method.

Tony, any idea why this might be happening?

As discussed with Tony, and now Matthew also (due to IDB-706), the adapter statistics engine must listen for additional messages to clear the cache. Please also be mindful for race conditions with users navigating between the end of a job and before the database has had the entities populated.

Issues causing this have been fixed - however the subset of problems remaining each have individual issues attached (see. IDB-793).