Entity DN should be present in adapter entity search

Matthew Clark 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

The DN for an adapter entity is not present in the adapter entity search. This should be included given its presence in v3, and its increased relevance to the configuration and use of Identity Broker in a solution.

Moved to v4.1 as this change is significant and would likely require a new InterLinq endpoint that exposes AdapterEntity.

If this is moved to 4.1, we're going to need to recommend a way to people to keep track of what the adapter entity DN is, either by using the database or by looking at the IdM engine. It is now pivotal to the success of adapter export operations, and any troubleshooting around adapter operations will require some awareness of the DN existing in the adapter entity context.

Updated type as this is a regression from v3.

Resolved. Please confirm.