Multivalue DN Generator unclear output

Tony Sheehy 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

If the DN generator of the MultiValue DN Generator transformation doesn't contain a schema field DN component of the source, it will always return null.

Either the documentation needs to be updated to better describe this. Or a prerequisite needs to be added to this transformation, such that, that DN generator component is always in the transformation.

Additionally currently nothing is logged that would indicate that this is the reason null values are coming through on reflection.

Tony, do you believe this could be fixed in v4.0.1 in a manner that doesn't break current expectations or configurations? If so, please update the fix version.

If it's going to be too much work, please update to v4.0.2. If it will cause problems please document (as mentioned in the description) and fix in v4.1.


Tony, please add an estimate to this issue for a prerequisite on this transformation.

As discussed, this would require reasonably dramatic changes to the existing architecture, which may be required through IDB-886, for which IDB-886 may incidentally fix it.

reopened for time.

Closed following time.