Error Importing to ILM - DN generation failed error

Matthew Woolnough 11 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

DN generation failed for entity with id 94622d75-68ef-4c1a-831a-00052f7b631a. In order to use the Entity Key DN Generator, all key fields must have a value.

Seems as though IdB is assigning attributes to be keys during transformations, which is causing imports to fail.

The following attributes are all listed as keys, when only the top two should be.

Name Type Key Required Read-only
adrtype String True True True
detnumber String True True True
mgrdetnumber String True True True
mgrposstart Date True True True
posstart Date True True True


Hi Matthew,

Currently the DN generator component of type 'key' uses the adapter schema. I have created IDB-895 to update it to use the connector schema.

In the meantime, update the dn generator to use the desired dn format as per IDB40:Distinguished Name generators.


using DN generator with DN configured to be same as base connector worked.