Update usage of Adapter GUIDs and names

Tony Sheehy 11 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

Event Broker allows for an Adapter ID Override, but this couldn't be done in IDB4 without taking the ID from the URL or from the Extensibility; would it be worthwhile including a label with the adapter id?

PJ Edit: Update logging to display adapter/connector name as well as id, and ensure standard adapter display shows GUID.

Tony, can you please provide more context or examples?

Reason to do it is currently because EB sometimes needs the Adapter ID itself.

This would be analogous to how we show the Operation list id in Event Broker for when you want to integrate with FIM Portal.

Implementation itself would be a five minute thing, just display the Adapter Id on the Adapter page.

Updated description to include PRODUCT-287

Changed issue type and added fix version. The estimate may seem large, but that is because of the vast number of logs that need checking to ensure that they are using name instead of id.

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