Modifying schema improvements

Matthew Woolnough 11 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

When deleting attributes from the connector schema, the whole screen refreshes rather than just removing single line.

User needs to scroll back down to bottom of page to make further changes.

Another improvement would be to have the edit text boxes and drop downs only appear on mouseover, as this would clean up the UI a bit.

Another improvement would be to allow multiple attributes to be deleted in a single operation, as it's really painful to reduce the scope at the moment. For termination (TER) the 'Get all fields from form' import created approx 30 attributes, and i only needed 3.
EDIT: The screen refresh lag exacerbates this issue.

Matthew Woolnough we have IDB-527 for that. Thanks for the suggestions.

I would like "Add Field" to add a temporary/cancellable field to the bottom of the schema on the same page, as opposed to going to an entirely new page.

We don't currently show the extended attributes on the fields themselves, (e.g. Max-length).

Confirmed or migrated to VSO.