Change logs to show most recent items at top

Matthew Woolnough 11 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 11

Viewing IdB logs shows you oldest items in logs at top.
Typically user looks at logs to view recent information. User needs to navigate to bottom and click last to show most relevant objects.
This is opposite to default view on Windows Event Viewer.
I think I already wrote an enhancement for changing and sorting by relevant column, as can be done in previous versions of IdB.

Depends on the sort of error you're trying to trace, it can be easier for certain data issues if it goes in descending order. It would be handy if you could change the ordering rather than having it one way or the other.

Would also be cool if it detected the page size (or at least remembered your page size setting), and displayed an appropriate number of lines, rather than only showing 10 and leaving half the screen empty.

I probably won't allow sorting on a field other than the date, as it would require loading the whole CSV into memory then sorting.

I might consider allowing the time order to be revered, as the CSV enumerable may be able to read in a reversed order. The only issue here is that the page links will become stale as soon as a new thing is logged, which would be extremely annoying.

Moved to Identity Broker for analysis, as it may turn out to be too difficult or not worth the investment.


First load of page should go to the last page.

Tony Sheehy for v4.1 go to the last page of logs on the page load. Then move this issue to v4.2 for ordering the logs.

Reassigned for confirmation of completion during regression tests, confirmed locally.

Log appears to go to the end, but only the page count does, not the logs that are shown.

Resolved, IDB-1074 was opened for the above issue.

Reopening at this issue should have been moved to v4.2.

Migrated to VSO.