On schema pages, allow collapsing of non-key fields

Shane Day (Chief Technology Officer) 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

In order to prevent lots of scrolling on the adapter schema pages, allow collapsing of non-key fields.

Tony, can you please come up with some ideas on how to do this? Or something similar to make these pages easier to navigate?

If it's easy and not likely to impact everything else too much, please add a fix version of v4.1, otherwise v4.2.


I think this wouldn't be too tricky. A script could add a different coloured table border on the top non-key field with a link off to the side in small font saying hide. This link could make the row disappear. The link would then say show and be able to make the fields reappear.

A cookie may be useful to keep the desired setting.

This relates directly to UFCORE-38; as the schema will be given ample real-estate on a per-tab basis.

Tabs will make this unnecessary, as the schema of a component would be a tab.