SAP timing configuration for IdB 3.*

Bob Bradley 11 years ago in UNIFYBroker/SAP ERP Human Capital Management updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

The following is the timing configuration for one of 10 connectors defined in the IdB 2.* solution currently in Production:

          <timing name="RecurringTimespan">
            <timespan value="3600000000" />
          <timing name="RecurringTimespan">
            <timespan value="3600000000" />

... i.e. reading this literally, both full AND delta every 6 minutes!!!

I had converted the above to the following for IdB 3.* - mainly for readability:

					<timing name="Daily" offset="21:00:00" />
					<timing name="RecurringTimespanStandardTime">
						<timespan value="00:10:00" />

... on the basis that it seemed silly to have both nodes set at the same frequency. I have been happily testing with this for the last couple of days ... but had started to notice that polling wasn't working .

I had not noticed the "delta import" button on the UNIFY Management Studio 3.* toolbar before Friday, but when I click on this for the above IdB 3.* connector configuration I get the following error in the IdB log:

Timestamp	Severity	Source	Module	Message
8/04/2013 1:49:57 PM	Warning	Change detection engine poll failed.	Change detection engine	"Change detection engine poll for connector Organisational Structure Connector failed with reason The connector 7d7e4969-2a73-4669-848c-67cb72c7867c does not support polling.. Duration: 00:00:00.0361342
Error details:
System.NotSupportedException: The connector 7d7e4969-2a73-4669-848c-67cb72c7867c does not support polling.
   at Unify.Framework.ConnectorToPollingConnectorBridge.get_PollingConnector()
   at Unify.Framework.ConnectorToPollingConnectorBridge.PollChanges(IStoredValueCollection changeState)
   at Unify.Framework.EventNotifierPollingConnectorDecorator.PollChanges(IStoredValueCollection changeState)
   at Unify.Framework.ChangeDetectionPollJob.RunBase()
   at Unify.Framework.JobBase.Run()
   at Unify.Framework.MutexJobDecorator.Run()
   at Unify.Framework.DefinedScopeJobAuditTrailJobDecorator.Run()
   at Unify.Framework.AsynchronousJobExecutor.PerformJobCallback(Object state)"

I then went looking in the JIRA doco for this connector, including here, but couldn't find any doco about whether or not this connector should support polling.

Is the Production configuration wrong but nobody has ever noticed? It is consistent with version 2.4 of the spec which says the following:

15.2 Identity Broker

Connector Event Timespan Description

SAP HCM GetAllEntities 3600000000
SAP HCM Polling 3600000000

Table 45: Identity Broker Synchronisation

I suspect the SAP HCM connector has somehow never been a polling connector ... but I just wanted to make sure!

Hi Bob,

The old sample configuration (which is no longer included with the connector) contained timings for the polling timing. But were not used as the configuration attribute was not changed from readingAndWritingConnector to pollingConnector.

The documentation is probably the best place to look ([IDBSAP301:SAP HCM organisation structure connector]), and you were right in that it is not a polling connector.

Thanks Adam - read the wrong doco then didn't I . Now I know where that config came from we know for sure that the config in Production is incorrect (but simply being ignored). I will change the IdB 3.* config in the lab accordingly.

Production config is in error - therefore spec 2.4 is in error. Changing the config now to reflect the connector limitation.

Concur with above Bob.
We only use Get all entities @ Allied.

Thanks Ryan/Adam