How to create a Composite Adapter in IdB 4

Carol Wapshere 12 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 5

I got a direct connector -> adapter relationship working with IdB 4, the MA installed and data came into FIM Sync. Nice and easy!

Now I want to add an extra table on the chris21 side so I want a composite adpater but can't see how you create one. Under "Composite Adapter" I just have buttons for "Compare Adapters" and "Delete Adapters".

Otherwise it's looking very good. Just a minor layout comment - when you create a transformation the Field drop-down is very narrow so hard to see the full column names.

Regarding your last point, we agree and have an issue accordingly: IDB-388

Matthew will help address the rest.

Hey Carol,

Glad to hear the passthrough was straight forward. Regarding creating composites, this can be done by using the adapter functions menu which is opened using a little cog next to the adapter name (either from the Adapters screen or from the view of the adapter itself) - the same menu you use to generate a FIM xMA. You can promote an adapter into a new composite (to create one), and then can promote and demote adapters as appropriate using the same menu.



I was using the wrong terminology - it's not a composite I want after all. I want to combine multiple chris21 tables so they all come out the one FIM MA. A "ChainList" adapter?

Pete found it - a Relational Transformation. I guess it will be easier when there's some doco to follow because it wasn't at all obvious I was supposed to do that. I think I was looking for some way to "join" the connectors, the way you join two SQL tables.

Yeah, we're still to update all the documentation. For v4.0, the underlying use of transformations to model data for FIM hasn't changed - see IDB40:Adapter Overview. The "chain list" transformation is now the default behaviour when you add transformations, so you won't have to configure one of those before you can add any of your other transformations (eg. relational).