PowerShell connector - investigate use of stored values collection

Adam van Vliet 10 years ago in PowerShell connector updated by anonymous 9 years ago 1

PowerShell connector:

  • Reference stored values engine in connector plugin
  • Create instance of stored values collection (see below)
  • Add stored values collection to component that is passed into PowerShell scripts
  • Test

Stored values details:

  • Example: S:\hg\Connectors\HP.Trim\Master\Source\Communicator\Unify.Connectors.HPTrimWSCommunicator\HPTrimWSCommunicator.cs
  • Look at the Translations
  • Don't follow exactly, the connector factory should create the context, retrieve (insert a collection if there isn't an existing one), and dispose when the connector is disposed.
  • The connector should then pass the collection into the PowerShell components.
  • The connector should submit the changes to the context - consider making the PowerShell components disposable so that it can do it, just make sure the usages of the components are all wrapped in using statements.