Attempting to delete transformation base generator or multipart inner component gets a "Sequence contains no elements" message

Matthew Clark 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

When all DN components are deleted, the DN generator defaults to either the Schema Key or the Entity Id generator (depending on the schema key). When you attempt to delete this one in a transformation, you receive a "Sequence contains no elements" message in the temp data message. This has no operational impact other than this message appearing in this case.

However, this also occurs when attempting to delete a component from a multipart component results in the same error, and this does affect configuration. You can work around this currently by deleting the multipart completely and recreating it.

This looks like it has been an existing issue for quite some time and not the result of recent work. Reworked the handling of deleting components such that they now correctly delete inner components of multiparts, as well as demoting them correctly when there is only one component remaining. The "Sequence contains no elements" message no longer occurs under any scenario.

Tested and confirmed locally, to be confirmed with the next build.

Confirmed in the latest build of the service. Deleting works for all components in transformations, including within multiparts. Issue closed.

reopened for time.

reclosed following time.