SharePoint 2010 User Profile does not handle ampersands correctly

Matthew Clark 13 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Microsoft SharePoint updated by anonymous 8 years ago 9

In a similar vein to issues with MOSS 2007, SharePoint 2010 does not appear to handle symbols correctly. In the latest chris21 demo environment, regular ampersands were being correctly sent to SharePoint as the correct symbol '&'


but coming back as the wide Unicode symbol '&'


causing cycling exported-change-not-reimported errors

Changing priority

Assigned to Matthew.

Added same fix as used in 2007, which has resolved normal ampersands in standard fields. However, any of the fields starting with SPS seem to store wide ampersands. http://ilyal-technology.posterous.com/sharepoint-2010-managed-metadata-terms-the-am details this behaviour also. Solution may be to manually replace this symbol in this case.

Resolved and tested. Please confirm resolution.

Reopening. This has also been observed in a demo environment using 2007. Once again, "SPS" fields are to blame.

Investigating in a 2007 environment, SPS fields were mapping to a normal ampersand character

This behaviour does not seem to be consistent - further investigation is required. Current v3.0.5 work contains the fix for this issue in SP 2010.

After observation in a number of different SharePoint 2007 environments with the latest version of the connector, the wide ampersand issue did not resurface, with SharePoint storing ampersands as the standard symbol. Behaviour is addressed directly for 2010 as above. Marked as resolved, please confirm resolution.

Confirmed, thanks.