New log level throttling configuration option for Identity Broker

Bob Bradley 13 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 5

As is possible for Event Broker, it would be a significant improvement for an IdB operator to be able to set the logging level - in Windows Event Log terms this would equate to the following (from none to full logging):

None - Information - Warning - Error - Critical - Verbose

While there is no capability to wind the IdB logging level up and down, it would be expected that 1000s of events will be generated daily, even when no exceptions are being thrown. Regardless of the method chosen for logging, this is a deployment issue because it uses up resources unnecessarily and makes speedy identification of non-informational logs more difficult. This is especially true when logging to the Windows Event logs.

Although it is only for the severity of an item, the severity log filter IDB306:Severity Log Filter configuration combined with the composite logger can be used to only get errors in the Windows Event log, but log other levels elsewhere.

Identity Broker (as well as EB300) logging has logging level and severity as different attributes. Verbose logging hasn't really be implemented unless a specific connector does so, as anything that goes wrong at the service level is generally reported as an error.

I'm only assigning this back to you so you can see the response, however it is unresolved because there does still need to be a filter for the verbosity levels.

OK - understood - definitely want that filter option . I hope you and the guys appreciate that I'm going out of my way to log whatever experiences I have that don't seem quite right, at the risk of duplicating, as it is far better an internal UNIFY person raises this than a client later on...

Absolutely we want these issues logged, it helps with planning future versions as well as metrics and knowledge of known issues and feature requests.

Thanks Bob, we very much appreciate you logging issues.

Added new logging filters - a minimum severity and a minimum logging level filter. Unit tests added. Marked as resolved, please confirm if appropriate.