Additional display information if a connector would never run

Matthew Clark 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

If a connector has been configured with a schedule that would never run, it would be good to have some additional feedback on this on the connector page. The only way you can see if this is the case is if you mouseover the little clock on the home page. It would be good if some additional UI feedback is given, either in the form of:

  • Information on the schedule display stating that a particular schedule would never run
  • An alert to the home page that such a configuration exists
  • A header on the connector page stating the connector won't run
  • A combination of these

AvV: Assigned to Tony.

I like the idea of having an alert (warning) and a header on the connector page (just below the schedules header like we do with the schema not having a key).

Edit: Don't like the idea of an alert, as this would be confusing following EB-174.

Migrated to VSO.