Cannot delete Join mappings on idB4.1

Ryan Crossingham 11 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

When attemping to delete join mappings on idb4.1 I receive "The resource cannot be found"

Currently unable to configure joins without this ability

Screenshots provided:


Hey Ryan, Adam van Vliet is currently investigating the issue, but if you require a solution workaround failing anything he finds, you should just be able to change the XML directly as in IdB v3.0

Hi Ryan Crossingham,

I had the same version of this as you, and so does Matthew Clark. I tested in both Chrome and IE (v10). I'm guessing you are on an older version of IE, which may account for the difference.

There was a piece of javascript that used a slightly incorrect href (url) which should be ignored by the browser, but I'm guessing was the cause of the problem.

I've pushed a fix so let me know if problems continue. And as Matthew Clark says you can remove mappings manually until we next upload an installer.