Relational transformation contributions do not seem to be flagging changes

Matthew Clark 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 8

Relational transformation contributions do not properly seem to be detecting changes. With the following configuration, I modify the value posnumber which has been added to the adapter via a relational transformation. However, no changes are flagged for the adapter following change detection, even though 1 change is picked up by the change reports. This is because FindBaseEntities in RelationalTransformationContribution is returning no entities following the Zip statement, even though the changes are correctly passed to the method.

Moreover, where I have had other relational changes being picked up, it seems that these are the result of simpler transformations such as Time Offset.


This was found to be a problem with the .NET Zip method in the RelationalTransformationContribution. Removing and emulating its behaviour seems to have resolved the change detection issue.

A unit test has been added to simulate the contribution behaviour, but the contribution a transformation makes should be made public in the default branch to allow for the testing of the other contribution types.

A unit test was added for the zip method extension and it was fixed such that it wasn't lazily evaluated.

Lowering priority of remaining work following resolution of SALES-230 and temporary fix

Added 4.1.5 to the regression test document.

Adam, the loose ends on this one have been confirmed in the default branch with the latest Framework change. I have also created IDB-522 for followup action regarding unit tests. Please confirm if appropriate.

Confirmed. Thanks.

Reopening to move incorrect work log