eMinerva Connector

Matthew Woolnough 11 years ago in UNIFYBroker/eMinerva updated by anonymous 9 years ago 6

Boyd has asked me if the eMinerva connector could work without paging.
It appears the Web Services written for eMinerva does not perform paging efficiently and would like to know if they can get rid of it completely rather than try and fix it.

Hi Matthew, a few questions:

  1. Which of the connectors are you referring to? eg Student, Campus, etc.
  2. Have you tried increasing the page size to something larger than the number of items in the connector?
  3. What do you mean by inefficient? Wouldn't removing paging introduce other difficulties such as message size limits and time-outs?

1. All
2. We want to know if the connector will handle this prior to changing the Web Service code.
3. Boyd has told me that the SQL query behind the Web Service runs once for each page of data sent over the wire, rather than running a single query, compiling the results and feeding them out over the wire as paging allows.

Regarding 2, if the page size is increased in the connector, it will only need to make the call once. Has this been tried?

Regarding 3, SQL Server is not the only consideration. There are other things to consider when transferring large amounts of data, such as WCF.

Another point I should have made is this: Is there a noticeable problem that has triggered this issue? If the connectors are meeting the non-functional requirements is there really a need to explore other options?

It sounds as though the answer is yes; the connector will handle it by extending the page size to a very large number, however WCF may have timeout issues and so this approach is not recommended.


Yes, the connector supports a larger page size. And yes, timeouts may be an issue. This is similar to the issues that may be experienced if the WCF endpoint is changed to not page, if not done correctly.

Thanks, I'll pass that information on.